Spain faces criticism for water cuts to British tourists amid drought

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British tourists

Spain’s persistent drought is hitting the tourism sector hard, sparking conflicts with tourists. The Daily Mirror, a widely-read tabloid in the UK, published a report on Saturday. It was titled “Spain ‘cuts off water’ to British tourists, leaving them in ‘third world conditions’.”

According to the report, the exclusive area of Sotogrande on the Costa del Sol cut off water supply overnight, leaving tourists and expats without essential water for showering, cooking, or cleaning.

Rob Brummer, one of the affected British tourists, criticised the lack of action by authorities. “Since 2013, there has been a drought in Spain, but neither local, national nor regional authorities have taken any appropriate action. The government in the area doesn’t care. They are far away, and all we can do is complain and hope they listen.”

Any action requires consensus

The Mirror also quoted Arturo Berna, Spain’s Tourism spokesperson, expressing concern about the severe drought in Andalucia: “We are aware of the drought situation in Andalucia and are considering implementing measures affecting water rationing and efficient use. Any operation will necessarily require consensus from the sector.”

“No water”

The Mirror also shared the opinion of a tourist from the Facebook group ‘International People in Malaga’: “My Airbnb host just sent a message saying that due to lack of rain, our condo booked for July will have no water from 11.00 pm to 7.00 am”. Does that sound normal?”

The situation underscores the challenges faced by Spain’s tourism industry amid the ongoing drought. Concerns about the impact on visitors and the need for effective management of water are raising.

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