Radical weather change in Andalucia brings back heat

by Lorraine Williamson
Andalucia weather

This week there is a radical change in the weather in Andalucia, Monday was the last day that storm Nelson was still active in the region. From Tuesday, the temperature started to rise again. In fact, it’s getting warmer than usual for this time of year.

After the heavy rains and winter cold, which plagued Easter week, there is a pronounced change in the weather in Andalucia, the rain decreases and the temperatures gradually start to rise. In the middle of the week, maximum temperatures will reach 30 degrees Celsius in several parts of the autonomous region.

Higher temperatures than normal from Thursday

On Monday, Andalucia had to deal with the latest effects of storm Nelson. From Tuesday, the weather became more stable. The rain disappeared and temperatures began to rise. From Thursday, the radical change in weather will be more noticeable, announced the meteorologist Francisco Martín of the Spanish weather service Meteored. From that day on, the thermometers will reach higher values than normal for this time of year. “We are going from low temperatures to very warm temperatures from the middle of the week,” Martín said.

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On weekends, the temperature drops slightly

This situation could ease a bit by the weekend. Then a new cold front may arrive. This moves from the northwest of the peninsula to the south. “But,” says Francisco Martín, “this cold front cannot be compared to the one of the past few days. However, temperatures may drop slightly.”

A more “normal” spring

“After an Easter week with almost wintry weather, we are going to experience a more “normal” spring from now on. The models show that gusts like Nelson will move to higher latitudes as usual. So, from now on, we will have more pure spring weather, with longer, sunnier and warmer days. There will be occasional thunderstorms during the day, but without the atypical fronts that we have had so far”, concludes the meteorologist.


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