Summer heat and high levels of UV radiation in Spain

Amount of UV radiation now higher than in summer

by Lorraine Williamson
UV radiation

In addition to unusually high temperatures for the season in Spain, there is also a worrying increase in UV (ultraviolet) radiation, which is now more concerning in spring than in summer.

The danger of UV radiation lies in the fact that the sun’s rays reach the Earth’s surface directly. Due to the clear skies, the atmosphere reaches a high level of radiation.

Avoid the sun at the hottest time of the day

This weekend, almost all of Spain is experiencing very high levels of UV radiation. Especially in the Canary Islands, particularly in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, extreme levels have been reached. The Spanish meteorological services therefore advise limiting exposure to the sun. In addition to the usual advice of using sun protection, sunbathers are advised to seek shade during the hottest hours of the day.

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Warm throughout Spain

Spain is currently experiencing a warm weekend. On Saturday, April 13, temperatures exceeded 25 degrees in 40 Spanish cities. In several places, temperatures rose above 30 degrees. Especially in Galicia, Andalucia, and the Canary Islands, it is exceptionally warm for this time of year.

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