Feria de Abril kicks off in Seville

by Lorraine Williamson
feria de abril

Flamenco dresses, sevillanas, casetas, lanterns, horsemen, horse-drawn carriages… The people of Seville are getting ready to enjoy the Feria de Abril, one of the most popular fiestas in Spain.

The world-famous Feria de Abril 2024 in Seville kicks off this weekend. The start is, as almost every year, the second Sunday after Easter, this year at 0:00 on Sunday 14 April and ends on Saturday 20 April at 00:00.

Unlike the Fallas in Valencia or the Sanfermines in Pamplona, the Seville fair does not have a fixed date on the calendar. That’s because the celebration depends on Easter week. In addition, despite being known as the Feria de Abril, the festival does not always fall in the fourth month of the year.


This may be the last year with this format and dates. The city council of Seville has called a referendum. Residents of Seville can decide whether to bring back the previous form – which began on Monday with the pescaíto and lasted until the Sunday of the same week – or continue the current format of dates – from Saturday to Saturday. The vote will take place between 23 and 25 April.

The start of the feria

The Feria de Abril 2004 begins with the traditional “alumbrao”, the lighting of the thousands of coloured lamps on the fairgrounds. The entrance gate, which is almost 50 metres high, will take place as soon as the clock strikes 00:00 on April 14.

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Although this act marks the official opening, the festival starts earlier. Prior to the lighting of the lamps, “La cena de pescaítotakes place. A week later, on April 20, the party concludes at midnight with fireworks.

Wednesday is a holiday for the people of Seville

Sevillians can enjoy the atmosphere of the more than 1,000 casetas during the weekends. In addition, also on the local holiday approved by the Seville City Council for Wednesday, April 17 (the miércoles de Feria)

History and impact of the Feria de Abril

The origins of the Feria de Abril date back to 1846. Back then it was still a cattle market. At that time, the nobles visited the exhibited animals and agricultural products in their carriages. Over time, entertainment gained the upper hand over primary sector trading to create an internationally renowned event.

Economic impact

A study by the University of Seville, which is updated every year, calculates a direct, indirect and induced effect of more than €800 million. This amount has increased during the last editions of the Feria de Abril. Each additional day of the fair meant an income of €90 million. The revenues generated by the Feria for the Andalucian capital represented 3% of the gross domestic product (GDP). And that’s much more than Semana Santa’s €400 million.

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