British newspaper labels two Spanish cities as ‘vulgar’

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MADRID – A remarkable article in UK newspaper, the Daily Mail has caused some controversy in Spain. The newspaper advises its readers to avoid certain world cities because of their ‘vulgar’ and ‘tasteless’ character.

However, among these cities are two popular Spanish destinations: Seville in Andalucia and Benidorm in the Comunidad Valenciana. According to the British newspaper, these cities have lost their charm due to the excess of British tourists. In the case of Seville, the paper states that the city is “very touristy and somewhat vulgar, and certainly has nothing special to offer”, mainly due to “drunken British tourism”.

Benidorm is also targeted in the article. This city would take the crown as the most vulgar destination in both Spain and Europe. “Over the past 30 years, the city has developed a reputation for being ‘cheap and tacky,’” the text claims.

The positive side

However, the article also recognizes that there is a special charm to these cities. Seville, for example, offers “a phenomenally emotionally appealing cliché” through its way of life, narrow streets, and tapas culture. Furthermore, Benidorm is noted to be a great economic success, attracting “millions of cost-conscious tourists” every year.

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What does this say about British tourism?

Interestingly, the UK is the largest source of tourists to Spain, accounting for over 20% of all international arrivals. This is all the more remarkable as the number of British tourists has continued to rise despite Brexit.

Other cities mentioned

In addition to Seville and Benidorm, the Daily Mail also advises against travelling to Santorini and Mykonos in Greece for similar reasons; Las Vegas and Miami in the United States; Paris in France; and Bali in Indonesia.

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