Benidorm approves grand urban plan in undeveloped part of Levante

by Lorraine Williamson
Benidorm plan

Benidorm has given the green light to its largest urban development plan. It concerns 20 hotels, more than 2,300 homes of which almost 1,600 are tourist, and three shopping centres in the main urban area that is still “undeveloped”. The PSOE was opposed, Vox abstained.

Developers must now present the urbanisation and re-parcelling projects to develop the urban plan. The sub-plan for the Ensanche Levante in the Armanello area covers almost 600,000 square metres.

The PP voted in favour of the plan. Vox abstained, asking for more time to study it. The PSOE has rejected the plan.

Key development in Levante

The urban plan covers an area of 575,371 square metres. It is therefore the main area yet to be developed in the Levante district of Benidorm.

Cogesa Expats

In the sub-plan, a total of 65% of the land will be allocated to public facilities and green areas. 35% is intended for the construction of residential, tourist and hotel housing. The homes will have a minimum height of 20 floors, “so that the vertical sustainable urban model characteristic of Benidorm will be followed”, according to the Councillor for Urbanism, Lourdes Caselles (PP).

The urban plan is based on 1,564 tourist homes and about 780 apartments. There will also be around twenty hotels. According to Caselles, the plan includes 660 social housing units. There will be a large central park with public infrastructures. In addition, cycle paths and large pedestrian spaces will be created. In short, a continuation of the Benidorm model. Appropriate measures shall also be taken to facilitate accessibility and facilities for people with reduced mobility.

Rainwater harvesting

The urban development project is carried out according to the SDUS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) criteria. This promotes the collection of rainwater so that it can be used for irrigation and maintenance of the park. Lagoons and ponds not only beautify the park, but also have a function in water regulation.

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