Spanish Netflix series reaches top 10 within 24 hours

A tale of family, love, and sacrifice set in 1960s Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Netflix series

The latest Netflix hit in Spain delves deep into the sacrifices that family and love can entail. With an all-star cast and a compelling storyline, this new series is one not to be missed.

The series “Entre Tierras” debuted at number 1 on the Spanish Netflix series top 10 on Monday, April 1st. This ten-part fictional drama is set in rural Spain in the 1960s. Recently added to Netflix, the ten episodes produced by Atresmedia captivate from the first minute with a story of sacrifice, love, and dreams.

What is this Netflix series about?

“Entre Tierras” is an adaptation of the Italian miniseries “La Esposa” from 2022. The series has been given a Spanish twist both in its setting and the development of its characters. The story revolves around María Rodríguez, portrayed by Megan Montaner. She plays an Andalucian woman who, after her father’s death, decides to set aside her personal ambitions for the well-being of her family. Consequently, she agrees to marry an older landowner from La Mancha. However, what she doesn’t know is that she’s actually marrying his nephew, Manuel, played by Unax Ugalde, who is also unaware of his uncle’s plot for power.

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Power and family secrets

Upon arrival in the village, María must share a bed with Manuel. His first wife disappeared, leaving their son Nicolás behind with him. Slowly but surely, María discovers the mysteries that her husband’s broken family is hiding. Her mother and two brothers are unaware of the secrets and enjoy the economic benefits that María’s marriage brings.

The role of women in the Spanish countryside

The series provides an insight into the complex role that women had in the Spanish countryside of the previous century. Not only due to the physically demanding work but also because they were not allowed to have opinions. Netflix seems to have a major hit on its hands with the new series, featuring a cast of well-known Spanish actors. Moreover, the series reached the Spanish series top 10 within 24 hours of its release. “Entre Tierras” offers an emotional and poignant portrait of an era characterised by both the hardships and the resilience of those who lived through the sixties. The series is not just a journey into Spain’s rural past but also reflects personal struggles and sacrifices that are universal across multiple generations.

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