Jennifer Lopez in Gran Canaria to shoot the latest Netflix film

by Lorraine Williamson
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GRAN CANARIA – Big news according to Spanish and Latin American newspapers; Jennifer Lopez has been spotted in Gran Canaria. Not to celebrate a holiday, but to shoot a thriller that is already being called the biggest Netflix production of 2022. 

Latin American newspapers have been filling their front pages for the past few days with Jennifer Lopez and the arrival of her latest film, The Mother. This thriller has been filmed on the Spanish island for a few weeks now. Consequently, if people in Gran Canaria pay close attention, they might come across this talented Latina. 

Versatility of Gran Canaria 

Gran Canaria not only serves as an ideal holiday destination for tourists all over the world. The Spanish island also proves to be the perfect environment for shooting movies and series. Major national and international productions have previously been shot on the streets of Las Palmas, in which stars such as Uma Thurman and Brad Pitt shone on the silver screen. 

Jennifer Lopez starring and producer of latest Netflix thriller 

Jennifer Lopez, the well-known singer, and actress, not only stars in the film but is also the co-producer. Other actors who will join her in the film are Gael García Bernal, Joseph Fiennes, and Omari Hardwick. Filming was postponed earlier this year due to Covid but has resumed a week ago. 

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Where is JLo’s latest film shot? 

The Mother is a thriller and according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, this film is already seen as one of the biggest productions of Netflix in 2022. Some locations where the film will be filmed is for the Gabinete Literario. Several sets were also built in a number of streets in Las Palmas that will serve as the backdrop for a tropical destination in Havana. 

In addition to Netflix, various production companies are working on recording The Mother, such as the Spanish Film Sur. The Mother will also be the first film to feature both Netflix and Jennifer Lopez’s own production company, Nuyorican Films. 

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