SMS bank scams alert

by Lorraine Williamson
SMS scams

MADRID – The number of SMS scams around continues to increase. Therefore, we must always be vigilant of any potential suspicious emails or messages you receive.

Once again, the Guardia Civil alerted us via Twitter as to one of the latest scams that are going around.

Fraudulent SMS scams

There are various fraudulent campaigns being sent by SMS impersonating numerous online banks. The message directs you to a fake website by alarming you in the hope you do this quickly and don’t check too carefully. It then asks you to confirm your access credentials to their online banking service. They then take your banking information and can therefore have access to your accounts.

Please do not click on any links. Banks will not ask you to do this.

Contact your bank

If you have been the victim of SMS scams, the advice is to contact your bank immediately. Furthermore, you must block your cards and account, and change your passwords. For even greater security, it is also advisable to use a different password for each account you have.

Useful website to detect potential scams

A good website to use for checking suspicious website addresses is Virus Total.

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