Football scam uncovered by Spanish National Police

by Lorraine Williamson
football scam

ANDALUCIA – The National Police have uncovered a plot of scams against families of foreign children through two football schools in Granada.

The scams against families of foreign children involved false promises of projection in professional football.

Parallel operations

Operations Gol and Alevines were carried out in parallel by the police. Consequently, eleven people have been arrested and another two are being investigated as alleged members of two independent groups. These groups were dedicated to creating false expectations for young foreigners of becoming star professional players.

Promising young footballers

Around 70 foreign minors and youngsters were identified, mainly Brazilians. The scammers offered the families opportunities for their children to participate in official sports competitions. Furthermore, as part of the “package”, they offered accommodation, maintenance, study registration and procedures to obtain residence permits. However, these were never obtained.

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

In exchange for the above, and to secure the opportunities for their children, the families were asked to pay more than €5,000 euros. In addition they had to make monthly payments of between €1,500 and €1,700 per player.


Both organisations kept the youngsters in deplorable conditions during the 90 days they were in the country as “tourists”, since the immigration procedures were inadmissible or denied. Consequently, the deceived young people were forced to return to their countries.

Not only were they kept in bad conditions, and had to return home, but their dreams were shattered.

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