Sex trafficker on most wanted in Spain list arrested in Ecuador

by Lorraine Williamson
sex trafficker arrested

In collaboration with the police authorities of Ecuador (OCN-Quito) and Colombia (OCN-Bogatá), the Policia Nacional have arrested sex trafficker, Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutiérrez. Known as Vivi, she was on the EUROPOL list of “most wanted” in Spain.

Gutiérrez was wanted by the Spanish authorities for the crimes of trafficking in human beings for sex, drug trafficking and money laundering. She was arrested in the city of Machala (Ecuador) on October 28 by Ecuadorian police authorities.

Columbian citizen, Viviana was on the list of the ten most wanted fugitives in Spain, in Europe’s most wanted fugitives by EUROPOL and the Interpol Support to El PAcCTO program.

Sex trafficker

The defendant allegedly belonged to an international criminal organisation that brought women from Colombia to Spain. The organisation was dedicated to human trafficking for sexual exploitation. This woman offered the victims to come to Spain in exchange for €1,500.

However, when the women arrived in the country, they were made to prostitute, and lived in abusive conditions, having to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the right to any rest. They lived in an apartment in the Alicante town of Elche. There they were informed that the debt contracted with the organisation had now amounted to €3,000.

They could only leave the apartment for one hour a day to run personal errands. But if a client called them, they had to go back to the flat. They shared the rooms where they performed sexual services and the money, they earned was withdrawn to pay off the debt.

most wanted


Cocaine service

Viviana was not only in charge of the surveillance of the victims, but also supplied cocaine to the flat. This was an additional service offered to the clients.

Taking all this into account, Viviana could face a maximum sentence of 32 years in prison.

Police later found out that Gutiérrez was fully integrated in Elche and had even managed to bring some of her relatives there. However, due to the high-profile charges, she decided to return to Columbia. Here she had the support of the organisation to help her hide from the authorities.

Close to the Ecuadorian border

From the investigations carried out by the Colombian National Police, it was possible to determine that Viviana was indeed in the country. However, seemingly, she was in an area of jungle which was ​​difficult to access inside the jungle. It was a town very close to the Ecuadorian border.

Furthermore, it was learned that Vivi took numerous protective measures, among which was travelling occasionally to Ecuador. Here, she apparently also had a wide network of collaborators that provided cover for her concealment.

However, because of the exchange of information, it was possible to establish that Viviana had settled in Ecuador.

Citizen collaboration

Last May, the National Police published the list of the ten most wanted fugitives to request citizen collaboration to locate them. With the arrest of Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutiérrez, there are now four fugitives located and detained.

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