Most wanted international criminals thought to be in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
European criminals -

These ten are among the most wanted criminals believed to be from or living in Spain. The Policia Nacional are actively searching for these people, and others as pictured. Some of which have been at large for more than 15 years.

The police ask for citizen collaboration if you see or have any information on these most wanted criminals. Furthermore, you can send a confidential email to

The National Police in Spain currently chair the ENFAST network (2021-2023). This is made up of officers from the 27 EU member countries, and from other countries including the UK, Switzerland, and Norway.

Last year, the network participated in the arrest of 417 criminals. Moreover, since 2017, this figure is as high as 2,272 according to police reports.

The following ten criminals all have different profiles, and some are extremely dangerous. Furthermore, this video from Policía Nacional captures the faces of all ten.

Luis Martínez Calleja

Thirty-year-old Calleja was born in Madrid. He is 1.68 metres tall, of slim build, and has a light complexion with dark hair. Moreover, there is a scar on his lip, and he has tattoos on both wrists. Police are searching for him in connection with violent robberies. He could be in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France, or Andorra. Furthermore this criminal is extremely aggressive.

Manuel Herrero Muñoz

Muñoz was born in Valladolid in 1989. He is of slim build and 1.75 metres in height. His eyes are blue, and his hair is brown. There is a surgical scar on his left arm, and he has a tattoo on the middle finger of his left hand. This is in the shape of and anchor. Moreover, Muñoz is wanted for homicide.

Ramón Saavedra Lopéz

Born in Torres de la Alameda in Madrid, Lopéz is 39-years-of-age. He is 1.65 metres tall, with a slim frame, light complexion, and dark hair. He is wanted for international homicide and therefore, could be in Spain or Latin America.

Diego Dario González Ghersi

There is a high chance this man could re-offend. Born in Buenos Aires in 1981, he is 1.7 metres tall with white skin and dark eyes. He has tattoos on his fingers, arms and back and a piercing on his left eyebrow. Furthermore, this criminal is wanted for sexual abuse of a minor.

Cogesa Expats

Nikolay Shterev Kurkuchev

Kurkuchev was born in Bulgaria 54 years ago. He is of fair complexion and has blue eyes. There are numerous tattoos on both arms. He is wanted for crimes against public health. This man is very dangerous. And furthermore, there is a chance he could be armed.

Derek McGraw Ferguson

From the UK, 58-year-old Ferguson is wanted for international homicide. He is 1.55 metres tall and has fair skin. He has several tattoos on his left arm, including a heart, an arrow, and a dagger. Ferguson has part of his left ear missing. Furthermore, he may have had a hair implant, or perhaps could be wearing a wig. He is also thought to be armed and dangerous.

Manuel Bellido Moreno

This man was born in Madrid in 1975. He is very tall at 2 metres and has dark eyes and a dark complexion. Moreno has escaped capture on many occasions and is involved in the supply and distribution of counterfeit money. He could be either in Spain or in Latin America.

Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutierrez

This woman is a highly dangerous international criminal. She was born in Columbia but speaks with a Galician accent. Gutierrez was born in 1985 and is 1.48 metres tall. She is very slim, with a white complexion and green eyes. Police are searching for her as she is wanted for human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Furthermore, she travels through Latin American countries.

The colombian fugitive, offered the victims an opportunity to work in Spain in exchange for €1500. All the victims were young girls who were forced to work as prostitutes.

Norbert Kohler

This fugitive is highly dangerous and could be armed. Forty-five-year-old Kohler is from the Czech Republic. He is 1.86 metres tall and has blue eyes. Moreover, this man is wanted for criminal activities of drug trafficking through various European countries. He is also wanted for pretending to be a police patrol stopping victims on the road. Furthermore, he would kidnapp them in a van and drive them to one of the victims’s holiday home or some other place. There they were restrained and tortured until the victims gave them safe keys/codes, house and other keys, access codes, credit cards with PINs, money in cash, vehicles and other valuables.

Tom Richard Diane Michielsen

This criminal from Belgium is also 45-years-of-age and is wanted for drug and arms trafficking as well as money laundering. Consequently, he is considered dangerous and may be armed. He has an average build and complexion and blue eyes.

If you have any information on any of the above criminals, please send an email to Furthermore, any correspondence will be treated confidentially.

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