This week´s scams to be aware of

by Lorraine Williamson
be aware of scams

As always, the Policia Nacional does a good job of making us aware of various scams that are going around. There are always people trying to trick us into parting with money or information, but the more we are aware, the better. Furthermore, it is often the same scams continue to circulate year after year.

Here, we look at just three different scams to be aware of. However, there are many more out there.


The police advise you not to click on any link if you receive this email pretending to be #Carrefour

Furthermore, the email looks like it is being sent to Carrefour PASS account customers. It is carefully worded and has logos and official-looking address and contact details.

The message reads;

“Read this security notice carefully. Your xxx card is temporarily suspended.

We are working to protect our users against fraud. If you have been selected for verification, we need to confirm that you are the owner of this account.

Please note that if you do not confirm your details now, we are obliged to lock your account for your protection.”

It then has a button at the bottom asking you to CONFIRM NOW.

Most importantly, do not click on it!


Then, the second scam this week to be aware of is one using Amazon to try and trick you into giving out personal information. This notification reads as follows.


Cogesa Expats

Missing address.

Discount code AMAZON59 successfully charged.

This shipment was scheduled to be received today. Unfortunately, we were unable to deliver your postal package on time because your address is not correct. Please reply to us with the correct shipping address.

We look forward to receiving your correct delivery details to allow you to schedule a new delivery.”

This is bogus! Do not give out your address, and do not reply to the message.


Finally, the third scam for this week sends you a message saying you have logged in from a new device. It then asks if this is not you, you must verify immediately to gain access. Moreover, the sender is supposed to be #ruralvia.

Consequently, always be aware of anything that looks suspicious or sounds too good to be true, as it is most likely a scam.

Never give personal details or click on any links. They want to get your data or install malware.


Also be careful when downloading apps from unknown sources, as you could be installing apps with malware for malicious purposes without being aware.

The police advise you to always download them from trusted sites, and you will keep your mobile protected.

If you have been the victim of a scam, please contact the police on 091

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