Facemasks will no longer be mandatory on public transport in Spain from February 7

by Lorraine Williamson
facemasks public transport

The Spanish Government has decided to end the obligation to wear a facemask while on public transport from February 7. However, it will still be necessary to wear a facemask in health establishments and services and for workers and visitors to social health centres.

Health Minister, Carolina Darias, announced yesterday that the mandatory end of facemasks on public transport is expected to be approved on February 7.

Darias, stated that she will submit to the Council of Ministers “the proposal to eliminate the obligation to wear a facemask on public transport”. This is taking into account the current situation of epidemiological stability of COVID-19 and reports from experts and scientific societies.

Still mandatory in health establishments

Despite this, facemasks will still be mandatory in health establishments, and in social health centres for their workers and visitors.

Cogesa Expats

Next week, Carolina Darias will convene the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS). There, she will coordinate the measure with the autonomous communities and cities. The decision is based on the findings of the Report on Alerts and Preparation and Response Plans dependent on the Public Health Commission.

The minister recalled all decisions adopted in the different phases of the pandemic had been agreed upon in the CISNS. She then thanked the effort and work of all the administrations, experts and scientific societies, health professionals and citizens.

One of the few remaining countries to have facemask obligations

Spain is one of the few remaining countries in Europe where there is still a facemask obligation. Austria, Germany, and Greece also still have restrictions in place. Although, with the exception of Austria, the other countries will also scrap their public transport obligation in early February. Whereas, in Austria, while in Vienna, there is still a strict obligation to wear FFP 2 facemasks on public transport.

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