Scam with a Hollywood twist by a fake Brad Pitt in Granada

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Brad Pitt

GRANADA – A fake Brad Pitt has been stirring things up in Granada for some time now since the first victim raised the alarm last year. She became convinced that she was having a romantic relationship with the celebrated actor online.

The group of scammers who made her believe this, also made her think that the ‘star’ was asking her for help, i.e. money. The case first came to light in June last year when a woman filed a legal complaint claiming she was the victim of a scam of at least €170,000. This financial exploitation turned out to be carried out by an individual posing as Brad Pitt. The woman claimed that she met this person via the Internet and even believed that she was in a romantic relationship with the world-famous actor.

Possibly more victims

Seven months after this remarkable complaint, the case continues to develop. It is now being investigated whether more people have fallen victim to this scam. Two suspects have already been arrested and released on bail. They are being investigated for their possible involvement in these scams.

The investigation into this case is complicated by the fact that the suspected scammers may have international connections. This requires computer experts and cybercrime experts to examine all available material collected from seized computers and mobile phones.

Some details of the investigation, regarding the methodology the alleged scammers followed, have been declared secret, highlighting the complexity of the case.

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A Hollywood dream in Spain

The story started when the accuser contacted a Brad Pitt ‘fan club’ via Facebook in early 2022. This led to ongoing interactions, with the woman eventually coming into contact with the alleged Brad Pitt himself.

The scammer managed to gain the victim’s trust, friendship, and even love. During this time, the person posing as Brad Pitt sent photos of his alleged presence on the red carpet for premieres. And even some photo montages with a message addressed directly to the woman. The fake Brad Pitt even promised to come to Spain and make a movie together. That was the starting point for asking for money for all kinds of alleged expenses.

Promises were not kept

Suspicion of fraud arose when the fake actor’s promises were not kept. The woman decided to take legal action. The victim’s lawyer reported that the amount of embezzled money could exceed €170,000. Conseqently, he has filed a legal complaint for possible crimes such as fraud, identity theft and even money laundering.

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