Guardia Civil dismantles violent marijuana trafficking organisation in Granada

by Lorraine Williamson
marijuana trafficking

GRANADA – As part of operation codenamed “Nazarí Ordo,” the Guardia Civil has successfully dismantled a heavily armed criminal organisation involved in the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana in the province of Granada.

The operation resulted in the arrest of eleven individuals and the seizure of 12,000 marijuana plants, including weapons such as an AK-47 assault rifle, a 9mm pistol, and three Taser guns. Additionally, cash amounting to €130,000, jewellery valued at €150,000, and 14 vehicles were confiscated during 23 home raids across various towns in the province.

The criminal group, accused of offenses ranging from drug cultivation, production, and trafficking to illegal weapons possession, money laundering, and electricity fraud, was effectively targeted in the operation.

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23 home raids

The Guardia Civil executed 23 home raids in Armilla, Dúrcal, Vegas del Genil, La Zubia, Las Gabias, Albolote, Torre Cardela, Cogollos Vega, Peligros, and Granada capital. The raids uncovered an arsenal of firearms, including an AK-47 assault rifle, a 9mm pistol, two short-to-long weapon converters, three carbines, three Taser guns, a silencer, bulletproof vests, handcuffs, and numerous bladed weapons.

A total of over 12,000 cannabis sativa plants were seized, along with 81 kilograms of vacuum-sealed packaged substance ready for distribution, €116,000 in cash, various items of jewelry, 14 vehicles, and a motorcycle.

Previous arrests

The Guardia Civil had previously dismantled several marijuana production centres in the province of Granada months ago, leading to the discovery that these facilities were linked to a criminal group based in the capital.

This criminal structure relied on a grow shop, also owned by the organisation, which served a dual purpose: supplying all the necessary materials for setting up production centres and facilitating money laundering activities.

International connections

The organisation was found to have connections with other criminal groups in countries such as Romania, Albania, and Italy, serving as the final recipients of the illicit drugs. Some of these criminal networks used high-end vehicles as a method of payment for the received marijuana.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the group, now apprehended, was primarily composed of individuals from the same family clan. The marijuana produced was stored in a designated facility in the town of Híjar-Las Gabias and transported clandestinely in concealed compartments, alongside weapons and money.

Authorities also discovered that the organisation regularly organised illegal gambling events in a property they owned, involving individuals from other criminal organisations to channel funds from drug trafficking.

Last week, simultaneous raids were conducted with the participation of over 200 Guardia Civil agents, including the Rapid Action Group and the Reserve and Security Group. Units from the Citizen Security Unit, Citizen Security Patrols, and the Judicial Police of Granada also contributed to the operation.

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