Canary Islands want to expand construction opportunities in rural areas

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LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA – The director of the Canary Housing Institute (Icavi) aims to expand construction opportunities in rural areas in all the Canary Islands.

Antonio Ortega announced that the Canary Government plans to extend the possibility of building housing on rural land to all islands under certain conditions. This initiative was originally implemented in response to the volcanic eruption of La Palma. On this island the measure is already in force.

Ortega stated that this is the only way to solve the housing problem in Canarias, as available urban land is limited. The Icavi director has received the full support of the Tenerife Business Association for the government’s housing policy.

According to Ortega, the main hurdle in acquiring land is its classification. The upcoming decree to regulate rural land in La Palma is considered extremely important and necessary to address the housing emergency in the region.

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More homes under construction

The Icavi director also emphasised that it is possible to build more new homes. Additionally, he has asked the central government in Madrid for additional financing of around €20 million. This would allow the extension of the Canary Islands Housing Plan to land ceded by municipalities and island councils.

Óscar Izquierdo, the president of construction federation Fepeco, praised the Canary Government’s housing policy. Consequently, he emphasised that more progress has been made in six months than in the past six years. In particular, he pointed to public-private partnerships as a key to success.

Izquierdo also stated that Fepeco fully supports the housing policy of the Canarian Housing Institute. Furthermore, he is confident that the promised housing will be built.

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