Beach in Spain was film location The Neverending Story

by Lorraine Williamson
Neverending story

The Neverending Story and Indiana Jones are world-famous films. What few people know is that a beach in Spain has been the location where multiple scenes from both movies were shot. A protected beach that appears to be very popular among Spaniards.

The Neverending Story is perhaps one film that has left a considerable impression on people in their thirties and forties. Having courage and self-confidence, not getting carried away by sadness in difficult moments, and always getting back up when you fall. These are just a few life lessons from this well-known film that came out almost 40 years ago. 

The Story

For those of you who have no idea what The Neverending Story is about, it is a 1984 German-American fantasy film. And is based on Michael Ende’s book of the same name. The film is about Bastian Bux, a boy who runs from bullies, and stumbles upon the book ‘The Neverending Story’. In the attic of his school, he is literally sucked into the story; a story about the young hero Atreyu who defends the realm of Fantasia against the dangerous “Nothing”. 

It is special to report that Playa de Monsul in Spain, on the coast of Almería, appears to have been one of the main sets of this famous film. Moreover, this beach was chosen by the makers to shoot one of the most important scenes of the film. 

Spanish beach can also be seen in other films 

Playa de Monsul is not only one of the more famous beaches in Spain thanks to this children’s film. But, this beach has been chosen several times as the perfect filming location for international films and series. Some examples include Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) with Sean Connery, Antony and Cleopatra (1972), The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988), and Talk to Her (2002). 

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The beach also played a role in the music video of the well-known Spanish singer David Bisbal. Playa de Monsul was the background in his video clip for his song ‘Ave Maria’. 

What is so special about Playa de Monsul? 

The beach is not very big but has a very special rock in the middle of the beach. It partly consists of dark volcanic rock which contrasts nicely with the light sand dunes and the clear water. The rugged landscape with the mountains of the Sierra de Cabo de Gata in the background provides a beautiful picture. 

How to get to Playa de Monsul? 

Playa de Monsul is not very easy to reach. From San José, you can park your car on a dirt track in Monsul (there are only a limited number of parking spaces). It is then a 200-metre walk to the beach. Close to this beach is also Cala de la Media Luna, a crescent-shaped cove that is also beautiful to visit. 

The area around the beaches is protected, which is why there are strict rules around parking and there are no facilities such as beach bars, etc. For this reason, Playa de Monsul is a beach that is perfect to visit not only in summer but also in winter. 

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