Special seal ‘strolls’ near A Coruña

by Lorraine Williamson
Oza the seal

The residents of the Galician municipality of Laxe were surprised on Tuesday. They have a new local resident in their port. The seal has surfaced in the waters of the Bergantiños region in A Coruña and is enjoying the sun and playing in the water on board a boat.

Curious onlookers caught Oza, the seal quietly swimming.

Oza the seal is an old acquaintance on the coast of Galicia

It’s about Oza’s seal. This animal is already an old acquaintance on the coast of Galicia. The animal was first seen in the municipality of Oza and hence the name with which it was baptized. The animal was apparently tired of being the centre of attention in this small town and decided to set a new course, heading straight to the town of A Coruña.

After enjoying the northern waters for a while, the animal  has now moved. Moreover, it turned up in Laxe on Tuesday. While its presence there may seem special, experts say seals are a common hibernator.

Cogesa Expats

Storms affect distribution area

The origin of this mammal can be traced back to Northern Europe. Seals are usually born in large colonies, in the British Isles. However, when there is a strong storm, they spread. According to the experts consulted by the above-mentioned source, it is common for young seals, only a few months old, to arrive. However, Oza’s seal is an exception, as it is already an adult and weighs more than 100 kilos.

Seals can bite

Although at first glance the seal seems like a harmless animal, experts do ask for caution. Because, these mammals have very strong and powerful jaws and teeth. With that, they can injure people.

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