Kangaroo running loose in Jerez is causing a stir

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Over the past three weeks, the Guardia Civil has received multiple reports about a loose kangaroo. The mysterious marsupial has been spotted on the outskirts of Jerez de la Frontera, in Cádiz, and is causing a stir.

The first person to spot the exotic animal was an off-duty firefighter. He and his family were driving to Portugal early in the morning when they noticed “strange” movements among the shadows on the outskirts of the city. “From afar, it looked like a dog,” said the firefighter in his statements to the television channel Telecinco. As they got closer, they saw the animal making jumps to move around and realised it was a small kangaroo. The family immediately grabbed their phone to film the animal and then alerted the authorities.

Video of kangaroo becomes social media hit

During their vacation, the family shared a video of the marsupial on social media. The footage went viral when the local television channel Jerez Televisión picked up the video. After the firefighter and his family’s discovery, other residents of Jerez also contacted the authorities, claiming they had seen the animal in the same area. At the moment, however, the whereabouts of the kangaroo are unknown, and no one knows where the mysterious marsupial came from.

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