October heat in Spain continues

by Lorraine Williamson
October heat

MADRID – It´s October, and the remarkable heat in Spain continues. During the day it feels like summer with temperatures that, according to meteorologists, are up to 10ºC higher than normal values for this time of year.

The Spanish weather agency AEMET issues heat warnings for the Canary Islands and northern Asturias and Cantabria. In the Canary Islands, the mercury is expected to rise to 34ºC.

Coastal phenomena in Cádiz and Calima in the Canary Islands

AEMET has also issued a warning for risky coastal phenomena in Cádiz caused by strong easterly winds up to 60km/h. In addition, the Canary Archipelago is hit by calima, a large dust cloud from Africa that can impair visibility and irritate the respiratory system.

Warmer than in summer

Galicia will have mostly clear skies, with possible morning fog. Asturias and Cantabria are seeing an increase in temperatures, especially inland. Yesterday, temperatures rose the most in the north of the peninsula compared to Friday. There will be temperatures that have not been recorded here even in July. For example, on Saturday the mercury was expected to reach 33ºC in Oviedo, 33 in Cangas del Narcea or 29 in Gijón; in Cantabria, it could reach 32° in Vega de Pas or 30° in Torrelavega; In Bilbao, meteorologists expected 33º and in Galicia the mercury could even reach 36º in Ourense, 33º in A Coruña, 32º in Pontevedra and 31º in Lugo and Santiago de Compostela.

In general, the weather will be stable across most of the country, with clear or partly cloudy skies. Minimum temperatures will also increase in the west of the peninsula, especially in western Galicia, where the increase could be locally notable. It will remain warmer than normal in large parts of the country next week. However, there is a chance of rain in the west of Spain from Thursday.

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Precautionary measures

Residents and visitors are advised to take precautions against the heat and possible strong wind gusts, especially in the designated risk areas. Due to these weather conditions, it will be important for tourists interested in visiting northern regions such as Asturias and Cantabria to prepare well for the heat. The calima in the Canary Islands can also affect travel plans. For current information and updates, keep an eye on AEMET’s coverage.

Also tropical nights

This weekend may be October 7 and 8 on the calendar, but the weather is more like what is normal on August 30. The difference is in the nights, which are longer, giving more time to cool down. In the coastal areas, the southern half of Spain and the Canary Islands we will continue with tropical nights, above 20ºC at least. And then during the day, there is lots of sun and warmth, like in the summer

Warm sea

It seems like summer not only because of the temperature on land but also because of the surface water temperature. On the coasts of the southeast of the peninsula, the water remains 25-26ºC. That means it will be 2-3ºC above normal for the date, as MeteOrihuela indicates on X/Twitter.

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