This Spanish city is one of the three best in the world to live over the age of 60

by Lorraine Williamson
over 60 in Malaga

MADRID – Forbes magazine wanted to know which places in the world are the best to live when over the age of 60. Researchers looked at factors such as the availability and affordability of real estate, healthcare, safety, and climate.

Cultural and entertainment options and the opportunity to walk or use public transport were also discussed. Ultimately, the Andalucian city of Málaga was named by Forbes as one of the three best places in the world to live over the age of 60. The city is the only Spanish representative on this prestigious list. But what makes Málaga so special for seniors?

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Sun-drenched climate

One of the most enticing features of Málaga according to Forbes is its weather. “The city offers approximately 300 days of sunshine per year,” notes Forbes. For many who want to spend their retirement years in comfort, this is an important asset.

Mobility and safety

Getting around in Málaga is a piece of cake. “Public transport is affordable and the city is well connected. Moreover, it is compact and almost completely flat, making walking easy,” the magazine said. Safety and low crime rates are also mentioned as advantages: “Personal safety is not a concern here.”

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Vibrant cultural life

The city not only excels in physical comforts and natural beauty, but also has a rich cultural offering. From museums to local festivities, Málaga scores high on Forbes’ list.

Affordable housing

In terms of housing costs, interested parties can expect to pay between $700 and $1,200 per month for long-term furnished rental properties. This is an attractive option for many retirees, and it is not the first time that Málaga has attracted a positive attention from this target group. Previously, the magazine ‘International Living’ named the two places Mijas and Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol as the best for “living and retiring abroad.”

International competition

Málaga shares the podium of best places in the world to live after 60 with Boquete in Panama and Hua Hin in Thailand. These two other cities also have their own unique appeal, but for those looking for a combination of Mediterranean flair, modern amenities and a welcoming climate, Málaga seems like the perfect place.

Retirees in Spain

There are approximately 474,000 foreign retirees living in Spain. It is the most popular country in the European Union to spend the so-called ‘golden years’. Thousands of these retirees choose the Costa del Sol to spend their retirement in peace. For years, this coast has been the favourite place of the British, Germans, Dutch and other Northern Europeans.

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