Málaga has first in Spain with public pet cemetery

by Lorraine Williamson
pet cemetery

Málaga is the Andalucian province with the largest number of pets. According to data from the Official College of Veterinarians, there are more than 350,000 registered pets. In the city of Málaga alone, there are 100,000 dogs. This year, Spain’s first public pet cemetery opens in Málaga.

The cemetery is located near the cemetery in San Gabriel. Parcemasa will do the management. This week, the Plenary Committee on Environmental Sustainability gave final approval to the dossier authorising the launch of this local and economic initiative. The accommodation is ready for use, the rates are fixed. Parcemasa has also amended the articles of association to include this new activity in its service portfolio. The initiative eventually received the support of the municipal council group of the Partido Popular and the abstentions of the Partido Socialista, Vox and Con Málaga.

The facilities of the pet cemetery

The complex was built according to the criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency, reports the Málaga City Council. There is a building with a reception, office space, practice space for veterinarians and toilets, a crematorium and a farewell room.

The site also has a green space for interment of ashes and a cemetery. In addition to cremation and burial, you can also go to the cemetery for other services. Such as, for example, transferring dead animals, holding a farewell ceremony, renting niches and deregistering pets. It involves an investment of more than €1 million.

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Pet cemetery in use in April

The latest milestone will be the publication of the dossier in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP), completing a complicated administrative process that will allow the opening of these new facilities in the coming months. In doing so, the city council is fulfilling a promise made in the city council’s 2023-2027 program. The first burials are likely to take place in April.

A survey that is part of the market research and economic feasibility study carried out for the project shows that 89% of people with a dog would purchase one of Parcemasa’s services. Cremation is number one, with 64%. This is followed by burial (54%), rental of a niche (42%), rental of a storage place for the urn (45%), transfer (44%) and farewell ceremony (39%).


The prices of this pet cemetery are as follows: an individual cremation of a pet costs between €170 and €210, depending on the weight of the pet. The costs for a collective funeral are between €40 and €60.

Buried in the memorial park costs between €250 and €425, depending on the weight of the animal. In addition, there are €25 in maintenance costs. The price also increases according to the number of years chosen. If you choose the no-maintenance option, you will pay between €450 and €975. This price also depends on the weight of the pet.

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