Pet park opens at Madrid-Barajas Airport

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pet park

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport marks a first in Spain with the opening of a specially designed pet park in Terminal 1.

With this step, the airport wants to improve the travel experience for pets and their owners. The new zone, located in the arrivals hall of Terminal 1, is the first of its kind within the Spanish airport network. With the initiative, the airport is responding to the growing trend of pet-friendly services in the travel industry. Guillermo Alfaro, founder of Appmypets Digital Pet ID, emphasised the importance of such developments for animal welfare within the aviation sector during the FITUR 2024 tourism fair.

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The pet park

Animals can do their business in the pet park with an area of almost 50 square metres. It is also a space where they can play and relax before or after a flight. The park is equipped with a sandbox, a water fountain, a bag dispenser, a trash can and a bench. All components are designed to provide the best possible experience for both pets and their owners.

More airports will follow

Aena, the Spanish airport authority, has announced that this is just the beginning. There are plans to install similar facilities in other Madrid-Barajas terminals. This includes an outdoor area at the arrivals hall of Terminal 4. There will also be three indoor zones in the departure areas of Terminal 2, Terminal 4 and Terminal 4S. In this way, Aena makes clear its commitment to creating an inclusive and comfortable environment for all travelers, including those with four legs.

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