Big Dogs Now Welcome on Trains in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
dogs on trains in Spain

MADRID – There’s great news for owners of big dogs in Spain: Renfe is now welcoming their four-legged friends on board. The rail company announced that its transport service has now opened its doors to larger dogs, up to 40 kilos.  

Starting in June, your loyal companion can join you on selected trains. Just like your own ticket, a ticket for your furry friend can be bought on Renfe’s website. 

Moreover, your furry pals can also travel on the AVE from Madrid to Alicante. From 26th June, they will also be welcomed on the Madrid-Valencia route. Renfe launched the Large Pet Project on 13th September last year. Since then, over 300 large dogs have enjoyed a journey with AVE. It appears to be particularly popular during weekends and vacation times. 

Selection of Dog-Friendly Trains 

Not all trains can accommodate these new passengers, so Renfe has handpicked trains for your large dogs. Up to four AVE connections per day are available on the Madrid-Barcelona route and two on workdays on the Madrid-Málaga route. The Madrid-Alicante line offers four daily trips and there is a daily service where large dogs are welcome on the route to Valencia. Given the success of this initiative, we may see more dog-friendly routes in the future. 

The Regulations 

Of course, there are rules. Renfe explains on its website that each person can travel with a maximum of one large dog. Furthermore, there can be no more than two dogs per train that weigh over 40 kilos. The dogs must be in the same carriage and always in a fixed spot with two assigned seats. Nestlé Purina advised Renfe during the project’s development. 

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Transportation of Other Pets 

If you don’t have a dog but have a rabbit, guinea pig or hamster, there’s no problem. Renfe has also extended its policy for other pets. These small critters, who were previously unwelcome, can now travel in a transport box. With this step, Renfe shows its commitment to pet protection. And rest assured, the changes won’t affect the number of pets under 10 kilos you can bring. So go ahead, grab your ticket, and enjoy your journey with your favourite companion. 

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Commuter Trains 

Pets are also permitted on commuter trains with the following travel conditions: 

  • Your pet travels free and does not need a ticket 
  • Pets (dogs, cats, and birds) are allowed without a weight limit and must be leashed with a muzzle 
  • There’s no need for them to travel in a cage or travel box 
  • A maximum of 1 pet per person 

At the moment, pets are not allowed on Avlo trains. However, guide and service dogs are exceptions, always having free access without weight or transport limitations. Be aware if you have a combined train + bus ticket, your pet is not allowed. 

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