Train strike in Spain cancelled after agreement with minister

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train strike cancelled


MADRID – The unions have called off the train strike by Renfe and Adif after reaching an agreement with Óscar Puente, the newly appointed Minister of Transport.

The works councils of Renfe and Adif have decided to call off the five-day strike that started on Friday, November 24, because, according to union sources, they have reached an agreement with the Ministry of Transport, which has been led for two days by Óscar Puente. CCOO, UGT, and Semaf receive “the commitment to maintain the integrity of the companies” from Minister Óscar Puente. The other four planned train strike days were November 30 and December 1, 4 and 5.

The five unions representing the almost 30,000 workers called up in both companies planned to strike from Black Friday because of the damage that the transfer of Rodalies to the Generalitat of Catalonia would cause them under the conditions laid down in the political agreement between ERC and the PSOE. For this reason they had also added the “secret privatisation” of Renfe Mercancías, a previous controversy.

The strike announcement prompted Renfe to announce the cancellation of 1,548 medium-, long-distance and AVE trains, adding another 990 freight trains.

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