Protests in Benidorm against increases in property tax and waste levy

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Benidorm protest

BENIDORM – In Benidorm, a popular holiday resort on the Costa Blanca, residents have announced plans to protest recent tax increases, specifically the property tax and the waste levy.

The Alicante government has authorised a demonstration on Sunday, November 26, at 10.30 am. This will take place in the Plaza de SSMM los Reyes de España, located opposite the town hall. The citizens’ initiative stems from dissatisfaction with the significant increase in the Real Estate Tax (IBI) by 24% and the waste levy by 72%. The campaign, which has gained popularity through social media, has drawn the attention of numerous city residents.

“Excessive” increase

Isabel González and Nadia Domínguez, spokespersons for the movement, have voiced their dissatisfaction with the “excessive” hike in both taxes. While recognising the need for tax increases, they suggest that a more gradual approach or an increase in just one tax would have been preferable. They also express concern over the disproportionate increase in the waste levy, considering the service quality they receive.

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No political agenda

The organisers stress that their movement has no political objectives but is purely a response to the concerns of the residents. They are open to dialogue with all political parties in the city council to communicate their discontent. Numerous citizens have individually filed objections to these tax increases, which are currently in a public consultation phase. It is estimated that the municipality has already received hundreds of such objections. Criticism has also been leveled at the administrative hurdles faced by citizens when lodging their objections.

Online support and action

A Facebook page titled “No a la subida del IBI y tasa de las basuras en Benidorm. Basta Ya” (No to the IBI and waste levy increase in Benidorm. Enough is enough) has been created. Here, residents can download forms to formally submit their complaints against the tax increases.

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