Free bus in Madrid on April 2 and 3

by Lorraine Williamson
free buses

On April 2 and 3, you can ride the buses operated by the EMT company in Madrid for free. Because the holiday around the Spanish Semana Santa is over, heavy traffic is expected in the Spanish capital. Consequently, the Madrid City Council aims to promote free bus transportation during times of congestion with this initiative.

The buses operated by the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT) will be free on April 2 and 3. These dates coincide with the return of school activities after the Spanish Easter vacation. EMT buses will be free from 12.00 am on Tuesday, April 2, until 11.59 pm on April 3. However, travellers to the airport will still need to pay. The Express-Airport line is not included in the promotion.

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Madrid aims to promote sustainable mobility

As usual, bus passengers must have a valid ticket. Those who do not have one can obtain a ticket from the bus driver. The Madrid City Council sees bus transportation as key to promoting sustainable mobility in the city, especially during periods of expected heavy traffic in and around the Spanish capital. After the national Easter vacation, the City Council aims to promote public transportation once again as an alternative to using private vehicles. The city has previously implemented similar initiatives. When the City Council expects a traffic peak, free bus transportation incentivizes travelers to leave their cars at home.

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