Alleged jihadist arrested for spreading violent material on social media

by Lorraine Williamson
violent material spread online

In a joint operation, agents from the General Information Commissioner of the Policia Nacional, in collaboration with the Provincial Information Brigades of Almería and Tenerife, successfully apprehended an individual in Níjar (Almería) suspected of engaging in acts of self-indoctrination and promoting terrorism.

The arrest took place as part of an ongoing investigation into the dissemination of violent material on social media platforms.

Search and arrest

The suspect, who had allegedly undergone a process of radicalisation through continuous exposure to indoctrinating and training audiovisual material associated with DAESH, as well as other highly violent content, was not only a consumer but also a distributor of such material through various online profiles.

On Monday afternoon, police carried out the arrest and subsequently conducted a search of the suspect’s residence. During the operation, various computer and telecommunications devices were seized for further analysis.

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Violent material on social media

The investigation into the individual began in August of last year. At this time, authorities became aware of a person, based in Almería, extensively consuming links, videos, and images with explicit violent content linked to the terrorist organisation DAESH. It was discovered the suspect actively participated in online activities, making posts and sharing multimedia resources of a jihadist nature.

The detained individual was taken to court on Thursday and appeared before the judge. The judge subsequently ordered the suspect to be held in preventive custody as the investigation unfolds.

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