Alleged Jihadist arrested in Barcelona for radical content sharing on social media

by Lorraine Williamson
suspected Jihadist arrested in Barcelona

The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) have successfully arrested an individual in Barcelona suspected of engaging in activities related to radicalisation and terrorist glorification.

The operation, initiated in late December 2022, revealed a disturbing pattern of the suspect consuming and disseminating extremist content associated with the terrorist organisation DAESH on various social media platforms.

The investigation

The investigation was prompted by the identification of an individual openly endorsing different terrorist organisations through social media proclamations. What began as an inquiry into online self-indoctrination evolved into the detection of a broader scope of virtual activities. The suspect consumed jihadist material. Moreover, he also actively propagated radical messages in alignment with DAESH’s propaganda channels to reach a wider audience.

Collaboration and operation details

This operation was a collaborative effort involving the Policia Nacional in Barcelona and Pamplona, along with the Mossos d’Esquadra.

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The detainee’s profile

The arrested individual exhibited a clear aversion towards Western nations and expressed strong animosity towards any country supporting Israel. His social media posts also reflected a high degree of hostility towards the security forces. The suspect’s online activities were causing significant concern due to the substantial following he had amassed. Furthermore, a considerable number of his followers were responding to calls for jihad and martyrdom.

Arrested and seized in Barcelona

Given the escalating impact of the suspect’s online influence, law enforcement authorities decided to intervene on Tuesday afternoon, leading to his arrest. Subsequently, a search was conducted at the suspect’s residence, resulting in the confiscation of a substantial amount of computer and phone-related equipment, along with various documents pertinent to the ongoing investigation.

The detainee has since been sent to prison.

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