Spanish police thwart potential terrorist attack: Three radicalised minors arrested in Madrid and Barcelona

by Lorraine Williamson
radicalised minors

In an operation led by the Comisaría General de Información, the Policia Nacional have successfully detained three minors. These were in Madrid (2) and Barcelona (1). The arrests were for their alleged involvement in radicalisation, self-training for terrorist activities, and conspiracy to commit homicide.

The arrests were made possible through a collaboration between the information units in Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona, under the guidance of the Sección de Menores (Minors Section) of the Fiscalía de la Audiencia Nacional. The minors, highly radicalised and expressing intentions to carry out a terrorist act, were found in possession of manuals detailing the manufacturing of explosives, including the notorious TATP, also known as the “Mother of Satan.”

Social media presence

The investigation, initiated through cyberpatrolling on social media platforms, revealed several profiles endorsing a jihadist ideology. Moreover, these profiles advocated and justified violence in defense of the Islamic religion. Furthermore, they glorifyied the actions of terrorist groups and indicated potential targets. Disturbingly, the detainees openly expressed their intention to carry out actions against those they considered apostates. In other words, individuals who disagreed with their radical beliefs.

Organisation and task distribution

Upon identifying the profile owners, it was discovered that they were young students, minors, deeply radicalised, and aligned with the jihadist ideologies promoted by the terrorist organisation DAESH. Faced with their intent to commit an act of terror and their initiation of tasks, including the manufacturing of explosives, law enforcement agents moved swiftly to apprehend them.

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Operations and seizures

The arrests were conducted in the early hours of the previous Monday, accompanied by three simultaneous raids. Substantial amounts of electronic devices and various documents were seized during the operations, emphasising the seriousness of the threat posed by the radicalised individuals. The confiscated materials are currently under analysis to gather further insights into the extent of their plans and network.

Legal proceedings

The three arrested minors have been brought before the Sección de Menores of the Fiscalía de la Audiencia Nacional. The presiding judge at the Central Juvenile Court has ordered the placement of the detainees in a closed regime juvenile detention centre.

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