Benidorm asks for help from dog owners

by Lorraine Williamson
dog owners

BENIDORM – Benidorm is launching an awareness campaign aimed at dog owners to keep the city clean. The campaign was launched today under the slogan ‘Benidorm, my pet. Take care of Benidorm, it’s your home’. 

This initiative was developed in collaboration with the municipal cleaning company FCC Medio Ambiente. Moreover, the intention is that owners become aware of the importance of keeping their city free of dog faeces and urine. Therefore, all neighbourhoods, parks and schools will be visited during the campaign to promote these good practices.

2-month campaign

The campaign will run for two months. During that period, a team of environmental educators will visit the city’s various neighbourhoods. There they will educate residents with pets about how they can contribute to a cleaner living environment. 

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On Thursday morning, the campaign was launched ‘at street level’ in the park where Bélgica and Municipi streets meet. The event was attended by the councillor for street cleaning, José Ramón González de Zárate and the head of the civic participation department, Ana Pellicer, as well as members of the Neighbourhood Council. 

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4-legged friends

The environmental officers will inform residents of the seaside resort about the current sanctions. They will also motivate them to make the greatest possible contribution to minimise the traces of their four-legged friends in the city. 

As part of this campaign, schools will also be approached to inform children. Consequently, they, in turn, can point out to their parents the correct way to treat their pets. In addition, information will be provided about where dogs can be walked and where their excrement can be deposited. 

Furthermore, visitors to the campaign tent will receive a bag dispenser for collecting excrement as a gift and an information brochure advising on good practices. On the council’s website, Ana Pellicer stressed that citizens should become aware that “Benidorm is again part of everyone’s home and that we all must contribute to a friendlier, more comfortable city with perfect cleanliness.” 

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