Insurance for Spanish dog owners soon mandatory: what to consider?

by Lorraine Williamson
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MADRID – While the implementation of the Spanish Animal Welfare Law has been partially postponed, it’s a good idea for Spanish dog owners to prepare in advance. But what should the insurance cover in the future, and what are the costs? 

On Friday, September 29, Spain introduced the new Animal Welfare Law. This law brings a series of new rules for pet owners. This includes the requirement for dog owners to take out liability insurance. Although the law is now officially in force, part of the related regulations has not yet been approved. However, the outgoing government does not have the authority to do so. Therefore, that means this requirement cannot be imposed immediately. But in the meantime, it is wise for dog owners to be prepared as it’s only a matter of time before it becomes mandatory. 

What should the insurance cover? 

Dog owners will soon be required to have a valid liability insurance policy throughout their pet’s life. This insurance should not only cover damage to third parties but also the individuals responsible for the dog at that time, even if someone else is walking the dog. Initially, the law mandates a minimum coverage of €120,000, but this amount may vary depending on inflation. In practice, the average insurance cover tends to be higher. According to the Spanish comparison website Rastreator, it ranges from €200,000 to €300,000. However, in some cases, a separate liability insurance policy may not be necessary because this cover might already be provided by a home or property insurance policy. Therefore, it’s worth investigating this in advance to avoid double insurance. 

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How much does the insurance cost? 

According to Roams Seguros, the cost of liability insurance typically ranges between €40 and €60 per year. For example, Axa offers liability insurance starting from €42 per year, Mapfre from €49 , and Verti from €54 . Often, it’s possible to expand this insurance with coverage for veterinary expenses. SanteVet offers this option starting from €205 per year, Verti from €218 , and Mapfre from €260 per year. The price difference is determined by the various cover options each insurer offers, such as vaccinations, check-ups, surgeries, and other services. 

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