Major money laundering network dismantled in Seville: Twelve arrested

by Lorraine Williamson
money laundering

SEVILLE – The Guardia Civil has successfully dismantled a criminal organisation involved in money laundering linked to drug trafficking. Twelve individuals have been apprehended on charges ranging from offenses against public health to membership in a criminal organisation, money laundering, electricity theft, smuggling, illegal possession of weapons, and theft.

The detained individuals were allegedly engaged in the laundering of funds derived from various illicit activities. The organisation substantially increased its wealth through the use of frontmen, private contracts not elevated to public status, and other forms of concealment. Moreover, illicit gains were utilised to acquire properties in the towns of Utrera, Los Molares (Seville), and Chipiona (Cádiz).

Large-scale marijuana plantation

According to gathered evidence, a significant portion of the capital originated from drug trafficking. The organisation reportedly operated a large-scale marijuana plantation owned by them. This was situated in an industrial warehouse in the town of Utrera.

Under constant surveillance by an armed individual, the multi-level plantation allowed access to the higher level through a superimposed ladder. Additionally, to sustain production, they tapped into electricity illegally, creating makeshift connections to the general power grid.

Cogesa Expats

Untaxed cigarettes

Another avenue of profit for the organization was the sale of untaxed cigarette packs, retailing them to the public at prices below market standards.

The twelve arrests were predominantly made during home raids, with the organisation’s leader among those taken into custody. The leader was subsequently remanded in custody.

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