Guardia Civil dismantles criminal organisation in major anti-drug trafficking operation

by Lorraine Williamson
drug trafficking organisation


The Guardia Civil has successfully dismantled a drug trafficking organisation. The operation, initiated in May, culminated in the arrest of four individuals connected to the criminal group.

The arrests were made in relation to crimes against public health, violent robbery, firearm threats, and illegal possession of weapons.

Maritime drug trafficking organisation

The operation began when the Guardia Civil received information in May about a maritime drug smuggling incident in the town of Barbate, located in the province of Cádiz. During the early hours, a shipment of hashish was clandestinely brought ashore. Subsequently, the illicit cargo was transferred to a van. However, as the van attempted to escape, it was ambushed by another criminal organisation using vehicles, police insignia, and gunfire to violently seize the drug shipment.


In the course of their investigations, the police were able to identify the perpetrators responsible for the violent theft, colloquially known in police jargon as a “vuelco.” As a result, the authorities managed to recover the stolen 137 kilograms of hashish.

Search and arrest

The culmination of the operation involved coordinated efforts in the towns of Chiclana, Barbate, Roquetas de Mar, and Estepona. Seven residential properties were searched and raided, leading to the apprehension of the suspects. During the raids, law enforcement seized €300,000 in cash, bladed weapons, two shotguns previously reported as stolen, an air-compressed weapon, seven vehicles, and a significant number of electronic devices, including beacons, drones, and recording cameras used for surveillance purposes.

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