Major drug trafficking ring dismantled in Madrid – Police seize cocaine and ‘tusi’ distribution networks

by Lorraine Williamson
"tusi" and other drugs seized

MADRID – The Spanish National Police have successfully dismantled a criminal organisation operating in Madrid. The organisation was dedicated to the distribution of cocaine and the synthetic drug known as “tusi.”

The operation led to the arrest of eleven individuals and the seizure of a substantial amount of narcotics, cash, firearms, and vehicles.

“Tusi” laboratory

The investigation commenced in early 2023. Police had intelligence suggesting the presence of a cocaine and synthetic drug distribution point in the Villa de Vallecas district. Subsequent inquiries revealed the targeted location not only served as a drug distribution point but also housed a “tusi” laboratory. This was being managed by several individuals capable of producing up to 20 kilograms of this synthetic drug.

Simultaneously, investigators identified a male individual functioning as the primary supplier of the substances. The criminal organisation utilised a communal garage in the San Blas district to load and conceal large quantities of cocaine in vehicles, which were then distributed throughout the country, revealing a second drug trafficking route within the criminal structure.

Drug shipments intercepted

The culmination of the investigation occurred on December 5th when police intercepted three shipments destined for Barcelona, León, and Cuenca. In a coordinated effort, the vehicles were stopped on their respective routes. This led to the discovery of 12 kilograms of cocaine hidden in compartments. The male individuals responsible for transporting the drugs were arrested.


Following the interception of the vehicles, police officers conducted eight searches at various locations, including six residences and two storage units, where the criminal organisation concealed narcotics. The searches resulted in the discovery of three kilograms of cocaine, 12 kilograms of ketamine, six kilograms of ecstasy pills, 19,500 doses of LSD, and other synthetic drugs in smaller quantities. Additionally, authorities seized €72,000 in cash, a firearm, and tools associated with the preparation and distribution of these substances.

In total, eleven individuals, comprising ten men and one woman, were taken into custody and presented before judicial authorities as alleged perpetrators of offenses against public health. Furthermore, as a direct outcome of the operation, eight vehicles used by the criminal organisation were confiscated.

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