King to open Fitur 2024 tourism event today

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FITUR 2023

MADRID – The Spanish King Felipe VI and and Queen Letizia will inaugurate the 44th edition of the international tourism fair, Fitur 2024, today. The fair will be open initially to tourism sector affiliates, and then to the public at weekend, taking place from today until Sunday.

Fitur is considered one of the most important tourism fairs in the world. The fair will have around 9,000 companies and entities from 152 different countries participating, with Ecuador as the partner country. FITUR 2024 is projected to generate approximately €430 million for Madrid’s economy, benefiting sectors such as transportation, hospitality, restaurants, commerce, and culture. The number of exhibitors expected to attend is 806, a figure that increases by 7% compared to 2023.

150,000 professional visitors

Regarding visitor data, this year Fitur 2024 expects to reach 150,000 professional visitors, who will meet from Wednesday, and estimates to reach 100,000 visitors starting this weekend, when the fair opens to the general public. Fitur will occupy nine pavilions, one more than in 2023.

Cogesa Expats

Fitur4all and sustainability

The main novelty of this edition, and one of the pillars of Fitur 2024 for this year, is the creation, together with Impulsa Igualdad, of Fitur4all that will promote accessible tourism and make visible initiatives of companies and destinations in this area through the I Awards Fitur4all. Furthermore, another of the main pillars for this edition is sustainability, which “will play a main role.”

Other areas

The other areas that will be present at the fair will be:

  • Fitur Sports, dedicated to the sports sector.
  • FiturTechy, specialised in technology
  • Fitur Cruises, which will focus on the cruise sector
  • Fitur Lgtb+, which will show inclusion and diversity
  • Fitur Woman, which will contribute to female leadership
  • Fitur How And Export, so that Spanish companies show their potential
  • Fitur Screen, which will bring together the film industry with the tourism industry
  • Fitur Talent, which will focus on the talent of professionals
  • Fitur Lingua, which will address the possibilities of language tourism
  • Fitur Next, which is an observatory to identify good practices that generate positive effects in the industry.

Tickets for Fitur 2024

Tickets can be purchased online for €12 or at the door for €16. Ifema is easily accessible by public transportation, including metro, bus, and train. For those driving, several highways provide access to Ifema, and parking is available on-site.


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