The best region for wine tourism in Spain for 2024 has been announced

by Lorraine Williamson
wine tourism

DOCa Rioja has been named the best region for wine tourism in Spain at the International Tourism Fair, Fitur 2024. A tribute to the wine region. DOCa Rioja is a leading destination for wine tourism on a national and international level. With lots of activities, wine cellars and a strategy to offer special experiences. 

The award ‘The best region for wine tourism in Spain’ is a recognition of the denomination’s strategy and the promotion of domestic and international tourists. 

The award was given by the World Federation of Spanish Tourism Journalists (FIJET), which recognises excellence in the tourism sector. The area now has the recognition as ‘the most important wine region of Spain and one of the clear international references. And can be considered the epicenter of Iberian wine tourism,” the Federation said.  

Cultural activities 

In addition to wine, you can also enjoy all kinds of cultural activities in the wine region. For example, there are museums that are entirely dedicated to wine. But you can also enjoy the gourmet cuisine in some of Spain’s most prestigious restaurants and hotels. 

Number of visitors 

Within Spain, DOCa Rioja is the number one wine region when it comes to visitor numbers (almost 800,000 in 2022) and the number of wineries (202 out of more than 600 in the appellation). The range of activities is extensive. There are an average of three activities per bodega. They are interesting for couples, families and businessmen alike and the economic impact on the region is great (€155.5 million). 

Wine tourism and promotion of wine 

The bodegas are not only developing activities to make the wine even more famous. They also promote the rich and diverse nature and landscapes in the area. These determine the vineyards. Chairman of the Rioja Supervisory Board, Fernando Ezquerro, explained that “wine tourism is and will continue to be one of the priorities of our strategic plan. We continue to work on promoting the enormous richness of the wines. And to the promotion of the region and wine beyond our borders.’  

Fernando Ezquerro accepted the award. He said he was “very proud of the results of Rioja. The award is a recognition of the great efforts of the wineries and professionals to make the best wines in the world. And to be a signboard’.  

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