Art from Thyssen Museum on the street in Malaga

by Lorraine Williamson
Malaga street art

MANILVA – The Museo Thyssen in Málaga brings art to the street, making it more accessible than ever. Lalone and Nesui, two local graffiti artists, transformed a wall on Calle Compañía into true art.

Their version of the painting “Días de Verano” by Vicente Palmaroli can now be admired there. Both artists are not newcomers to the world of street art. They have already shown their work at various locations within and outside the province. Lalone considers this special mural in the heart of his city a highlight of his career. “I can’t believe I went from painting in secret to this level of public recognition,” he said in an interview.

Severe critics on the street

According to Lalone, working in public spaces is challenging, but the public has responded positively so far. “People on the street are the harshest critics, but we have not received any negative feedback yet,” he noted.

Aesthetics that appeal to everyone

One of the reasons for the positive reception may be the choice of painting and style. Instead of the more aggressive typographies and geometric shapes often associated with graffiti, Lalone opted for a painting featuring a female portrait against a background of pastel colours and a sea-blue sky.

Cogesa Expats

The historic centre brightened up

This street art is not the first of its kind. Previously, an interpretation of the painting “Recién casados” by Ricardo López Cabrera was unveiled, and signed by Barcelonan Elisa Capdevila. The project aims to brighten up the city’s historic centre with artworks inspired by the Carmen Thyssen collection.

More street art

Malaga has been giving space to street artists for years. For example, the Soho district, located between the river, the harbour and the Alameda Principal, has been transformed into a true open-air museum. In this ‘Barrio de las Artes’ you can admire fantastic murals by well-known graffiti artists such as D*FACE, Obey, Pejac and Manuel León.

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