This Spanish city is favoured by British retirees

British retirees like this city for its unbeatable climate and quality of life

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British retirees have long favoured Spain as a retirement destination. They value the country for its climate, lifestyle, and the warmth of its people. Among various Spanish cities, one city was specifically mentioned as a particularly popular choice, thanks to its unbeatable temperature and high quality of life.

A recent report by International Living highlights Alicante as an increasingly popular choice among British retirees. The Daily Express also published a study showcasing Alicante as one of the best options for retirees from the UK. The newspaper describes Spain as “the dream place to enjoy the golden years.”

Alicante, located on Spain’s Costa Blanca, is a tourist hotspot that serves as a gateway to Benidorm and other prominent resorts. The city’s appeal is further enhanced by its significant expatriate community. Foreign residents here are primarily from the UK, Northern Europe, and Latin America. Approximately 15% of Alicante’s permanent population is foreign, making it easy for newcomers to get by with minimal Spanish.

Ease of adaptation and accessibility

One of the key factors contributing to Alicante’s popularity among British retirees is the ease of adapting to life in the city. The International Living report highlights Alicante’s accessibility, thanks to tourism. The Alicante-Elche International Airport is the fifth busiest in Spain. It serves around 11 million passengers annually, with low-cost airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, and Vueling offering flights to nearly 100 European destinations. This connectivity puts the rest of Spain and Europe within easy reach for residents.

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Affordable living with a warm climate

Alicante’s pleasant climate and cost of living make it an attractive option for retirees. The city enjoys warm, sunny weather for most of the year. Dining options are plentiful, with many affordable and mid-range bars and restaurants. A complete “menu del día” (lunch menu) can cost as little as €12 per person. This is including two courses, bread, a drink, and coffee or dessert. A dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant can cost less than €40.

High quality of life

Additionally, InterNations included Alicante among the top ten cities with the best quality of life, ranking it in the top five behind Valencia, Málaga, Madrid, and Zurich. The study cited factors such as cost of living, healthcare, safety, climate, language, social relationships, and ease of settling in the city. Furthermore, 78% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the overall cost of living in Alicante.

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