Three dead and fifteen injured in fire in residential tower in La Vila Joiosa (Alicante)

by Lorraine Williamson
La Vila Joiosa fire

Three people have died in a fire in a residential tower in the coastal town of La Vila Joiosa in the province of Alicante. Fifteen others were injured. According to sources at the Emergency Information and Coordination Centre, the alarm call was received at 2.15 am from a large apartment building with at least 20 floors, on Avenida Marineros in the city.

As a result of the fire in La Vila Joiosa, two adults and a minor were killed. According to all indications, they were the occupants of one of the flats on the eleventh floor. The victims are a grandmother, son and grandson, as confirmed by municipal sources. They also indicate that the causes of the fire are still unknown. The investigation into the incident is being carried out by the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil, which has not yet confirmed the identity of the victims.

15 people treated for smoke inhalation

Several ambulance services were at the scene in the area of the fire. In addition, three fire brigades from the Diputación de Alicante were also on the scene. Medical workers helped 15 people who had smoke inhalation. Seven of them are women, between 24 and 67 years old. In addition, eight men, aged between 13 and 57, were treated. One of the men treated is a police officer, he was allowed to go home immediately. The remaining 14 people were taken to the Marina Baixa hospital in La Vila Joiosa.

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One hundred residents had to leave their homes

Sources from the Provincial Fire Brigade Consortium reported that due to the fire in La Vila Joiosa, around a hundred residents had to be evacuated, “for their safety, depending on their location in the building”. Others “were trapped in their homes,” they added. According to the same sources, the fire caused a lot of smoke and flames. Common parts of the building are also said to have been hit by the fire.

The municipality of La Vila Joiosa has had to transfer three people to a hotel due to the damage to their homes.

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