Cold in Sierra Nevada, spring in Canary Islands: large temperature differences Sunday in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Sierra Nevada temperature

There were big differences in temperature measured on Sunday in Spain. In the Canary Islands it was already above twenty degrees in the morning. However, in other places it was a lot colder with temperatures well below zero.

In the ski resort of Pradollano, located at an altitude of 2100 metres in Sierra Nevada (Granada), the lowest minimum temperature in Spain was measured on Sunday. Moreover, it was -14.5 degrees at half past 11 in the morning. This is according to data from the Spanish Meteorological Agency (Aemet), collected by the Spanish newspaper Europa Press. Furthermore, this temperature of -14.5 degrees was the lowest value measured in Spain on Sunday. This was followed by the radio telescope station Sierra Nevada (Granada), with -12.4ºC. It was also cold in the northern half of Spain. In Cap de Vaquèira (Lleida) it was -10.3 degrees. Whereas, Cerler (Huesca) saw -10.1 degrees on the thermometer, in Port Ainé (Lleida) it was -9.8 degrees. And in Astún-La Raca (Huesca), -9.5 degrees.

Seaside resort La Covatilla (Salamanca) registered -7.9 degrees. Mirador Cable, in the Picos de Europa National Park (Cantabria) -7 degrees. Furthermore, it was cold in Torla Ordesa and Panticosa (Huesca), with -6.9 and -6.7 degrees respectively.

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High temperatures

But, on the other hand, in the Canary Islands it was a lot more pleasant. Weather station Puerto de Mogán (Las Palmas) indicated 21.3 degrees at 9.30 am. At Tenerife Sur airport, 20.9 degrees were measured, 20.3 degrees at Güímar (Tenerife) in Maspaloma (Las Palmas), and 19.9 degrees at Gran Canarias airport.

Cold records and minimum temperatures in Spain

The measured temperature in the Sierra Nevada was the lowest temperature in Spain yesterday, but is still far from the absolute cold record. The national record was also measured in the Sierra Nevada. In January 1945 it was -42.0 degrees. It is followed by Calamocha in Teruel, with -30.0 on December 17, 1963 and -30.0 in Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara) in January 1952.

Other cold records measured in Andalucia were -14.2 degrees in Granada (January 1987) and -8.6 degrees in Jaén, in January 1891. December 1979 was cold with -7.8 degrees in Cordoba. At Seville airport in February 1956 -5.5 degrees was measured. Malaga airport reached -2.6 degrees in January 1985, reports the site

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