Arrests after theft in burned-out residential tower in Valencia

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theft from fire damaged building

Local police in Valencia arrested two men in the early morning on suspicion of theft in the building that was destroyed by a major fire on February 22. Ten people died in that fire.

Around 1.45 am, during a routine check, local police officers heard noises coming from the destroyed building. With reinforcements nearby, they began an inspection. They encountered two men on the second floor, who fled when they saw the police. The police’s quick action led to the arrest of both suspects, who were in possession of burglary tools and had stolen plumbing materials from the building.

Collaboration between police and residents

Since the fire was extinguished, local police have been working closely with residents to recover personal belongings of those affected. This collaboration has led to an increased police presence in the area. There are still 30 apartments in the destroyed building that need to be inspected. The suspected cause of the fire, a short circuit in an awning mechanism, emphasises the tragedy of the incident.

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A moment of silence and reflection

During a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of another recent tragic incident in Villayosa (Alicante), the mayor of Valencia, María José Catalá, highlighted the regrettable fact that there are people who want to take advantage of such terrible situations. The government delegate, Pilar Bernabé, expressed her disgust at such behaviour, calling it “absolutely despicable”.

A mourning community 

The Valencia region is in deep mourning, not only due to the fire in Valencia, but also a recent fire in Villayosa, Alicante, which killed a young child, his father, grandmother and their dog.

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