Burned-down nightclubs Murcia had no licence for years

by Lorraine Williamson
Murcia nightclubs deaths

MURCIA – A major fire in a complex of three nightclubs in the Spanish city of Murcia took the lives of at least 13 people early Sunday morning. 

Two of the nightclubs that burned down Sunday morning, Teatre and La Fonda, were supposed to cease operations more than a year ago because of a closure order. However, the premises did not comply with this.  

This was confirmed at a press conference by the deputy mayor of Town Planning, Huerta and Environment, Antonio Navarro (PP). He was accompanied by former deputy mayor of Urban Planning and Ecological Transition, Andrés Guerrero (PSOE), and other members of the constituent government.  

Navarro assured that the Murcia City Council will act as private prosecutor in this process and that they will go to the end by demanding “the purification of all responsibilities of the file”.  

Cogesa Expats

The Teatre company presented a project to divide the property into two. However, this required a new licence, which it did not submit as the 2008 licence was no longer valid. Moreover, the company did not comply with orders to close the nightclub. Specifically, the councillor explained, in January 2022, Teatre’s cessation was ordered. And by October 2022, the shutdown was to be implemented.  

Part government spokesperson Rebeca Pérez confirmed in statements to Spanish newspaper Europa Press that of the 18 missing, 13 are dead, four have been found alive in other places and one person is still missing. 

A minute of silence was held today for the victims.

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