Drunk passenger causes 28-hour delay on Zaragoza – Bucharest flight

by Lorraine Williamson
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Early last Saturday morning, a flight was scheduled to depart from Zaragoza to Bucharest. But when the 224 passengers were already on board and ready to take off, one of the passengers, in an inebriated state, damaged one of the plane’s doors. The drunk passenger tried to break it open from the inside, reports local newspaper Heraldo de Aragón. 

The defect prevented the Bulgarian airline Wizz Air’s plane from taking off. Furthermore, the repair caused a delay of more than 28 hours. The Guardia Civil was alerted immediately. The officers also helped clear the plane and sent the passengers back to the airport. The drunk passenger was taken to the Guardia Civil in Zaragoza. However, it is not known whether he was arrested and what offences he was charged with. 

The plane was scheduled to leave Zaragoza Airport on Saturday 30 September at 9.15 am. However, it was delayed until Sunday 1 October at 1.20 pm. During this 28-hour delay, passengers on Saturday spent part of the day waiting patiently at the airport. Then, at around 11pm, the Hungarian airline, seeing that the repairs were taking longer, lodged passengers in various hotels in Zaragoza. 

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50 passengers still left behind in Zaragoza on Sunday 

However, on Sunday, not all 224 passengers could board the plane leaving for Bucharest. Due to security reasons, 50 of them could not board. As Heraldo de Aragón newspaper reports, Wizz Air employees at the airport were not authorised to give explanations and the airline did not provide a spokesperson for the incident, nor did it justify the criteria for grounding 50 passengers. Furthermore, it is not known what criteria were used to determine which passengers were allowed to board and which were not.  

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