Ryanair bans alcohol on flights to 6 Spanish destinations

by Lorraine Williamson
ryanair flight emergency landing

MADRID – Ryanair has had enough incidents on board aircraft due to excessive alcohol consumption. The number of cases has risen to such an extent that the Irish low-cost carrier feels compelled to intervene. 

This decision was made by the airline after several incidents of “anti-social” behaviour by passengers. Furthermore, the number of incidents increases especially during the summer months on flights between the UK and several Spanish destinations. 

For this reason, Ryanair has taken action and is banning customers travelling from the UK to six Spanish destinations from bringing alcohol on board. The prohibited destinations are Alicante, Barcelona, Ibiza, Málaga, Mallorca and Tenerife Sur. 

According to the Irish company, an email has been sent to customers informing them that all hand luggage, including purchase bags from the Duty-Free shops at the airports, will be checked and that all alcoholic beverages will be removed and carried in the hold of the aircraft. 

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Passengers who want to circumvent this measure can be unceremoniously removed from the flight, the airline warns. “Any alcoholic beverage purchased from airport shops or elsewhere must be carefully packed in an appropriate piece of hand luggage, which will be tagged at the gate and then placed in the aircraft hold free of charge,” it said. 

For the comfort and safety of all passengers 

The airline emphasises that this measure is intended to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. The measure was part of a series of proposals put forward by the British cabin crew union, Unite. In 2020, the union called for stricter controls on drunk passengers by the authorities. 

For example, a flight to Ibiza was delayed for five hours due to the unacceptable behaviour of a group of 15 drunk people who were eventually removed from the flight. 

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