No more sexual objects at bachelor parties in Malaga

by Lorraine Williamson
bachelor parties

MáLAGA – To ensure that everyone in the city of Malaga can live together peacefully, the municipality wants to put an end to bachelor parties. However, these have become an indispensable part of the street scene in recent years. But not everyone is happy with them. 

The city council is therefore implementing new rules aimed at these types of parties. The city already has rules against anti-social behaviour. This includes outdoor drinking parties, urinating in public, shouting in the street or using a megaphone at night. But these new rules specifically target bachelor parties. 

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From the moment the new rules come into effect, it will no longer be allowed to walk on the street without a top or only in swimming trunks, bikinis or swimwear, with inflatable dolls or other “elements of a sexual nature”, such as objects representing genitals”, says the text of the bill. 

Fine of up to €750

People who break these new rules first receive a warning from the local police. But if they don’t stop, they could be fined up to €750. That’s the same amount people are fined for swimming in fountains, committing vandalism, or performing tricks on skateboards or wheelies on bicycles on public roads or in pedestrian zones. 

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Against “sprawl of certain types of behaviour” 

According to the city council, the aim of the new rules is that residents can live in peace. “The proliferation of certain types of behaviour in recent years, such as nudism, wearing nothing but underwear or wearing erotic items in public, means that we have to introduce new rules. Public spaces should be preserved as places where people can meet, coexist and enjoy their leisure time with respect for others,” reads a municipal press release. The new legislation is expected to come into effect from the beginning of 2023. 

Other zones are also tackling nightlife tourism 

Málaga is not alone in trying to clean up its image to counter the nightlife with its ‘binge-drinking culture’. For example, the provincial government in the Balearic Islands came up with measures in 2019 to curb drunken tourism. They want to end the excessive drinking that leads to dangerous practices such as ‘balconing’ and fights with fatal consequences. 

Eleven restaurants in Palma Beach also went a step further on their initiative and instituted a dress code. People were no longer allowed in wearing flipflops or swimwear. Football kits, luminescent caps, gold chains, and items sold by street vendors have also been a no-go ever since. 

Also, other regions and cities in Spain such as Barcelona, ​​Vigo, Seville, Madrid and places along the popular Camino de Santiago are trying to clean up their image to attract more affluent tourists and get away from the ‘binge drinking’- culture. 

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