Drunk Brits expelled from Ryanair flight for sexual activity in front of children

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Ryanair flight

Five British tourists who boarded a flight from England to Tenerife turned a Ryanair journey into a nightmare for their fellow passengers. According to reports, three men and two women on flight FR4346 on May 16th exhibited inappropriate and disruptive behaviour during the Ryanair journey from Liverpool to Tenerife South Airport. The troublesome passengers, who were not travelling together but were seated near each other, became a nuisance for the rest of the passengers and the cabin crew. Diario de Ibiza writes the male passengers reportedly started causing problems shortly after the plane took off at 4.05 pm, by opening a bottle of alcohol they had purchased at Liverpool airport and drinking directly from it. The commotion began at this point, leading the cabin crew to intervene, but their efforts had no effect.

An unexpected alliance during Ryanair flight

Two female passengers seated in the row behind the men began to join in their misbehaviour. Thet were sharing the drink and adopting a similarly rude attitude towards the other passengers. It was then that the pilot took action, announcing over the intercom that if the drunk passengers did not calm down, he would land in Lisbon to offload them. Following this threat, the rowdy behaviour subsided somewhat. However, soon after, other passengers noticed that one of the women from the back row had moved to the front, joining the drunken men.

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Drunk Brits behaviour escalates

The report on the incident specifies that the passengers began engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviour in front of children on board. Despite other passengers reprimanding them for their behaviour, the couple ignored the warnings.

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