This year drunkenness is prohibited in the Balearic Islands

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Brits heading to sunny Spain for their holidays will have to change their drinking habits. This stems from a change of rules on a number of islands. In January 2020, the Government of the Balearic Islands approved the decree-law that aims to end drunken tourism —and balconing.

The law affects mostly Magaluf, Playa de Palma (Mallorca), and Sant Antoni (Ibiza). However, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions, tourists from the main source market are not aware of this regulation. Most of the tourists in these destinations are from the United Kingdom.

Now, with the more than possible reactivation of travel thanks to the fact that the British government has eliminated the Covid test requirement for vaccinated people, the EasyJet airline is promoting an awareness campaign regarding alcohol abuse.

Baycrest Wealth

Six alcoholic beverages a day

British newspapers such as CronicleLive, Daily Record, The Sun, or GB News collect the warnings of the ‘low cost’. These warmings remind customers that alcohol consumption in the all-inclusive hotels of the three destinations is limited. Specifically, in order to prevent drunkenness, tourists can only drink a total of 6 alcoholic beverages a day. This means three at lunchtime and three at dinner (without being able to accumulate those not consumed).

Law on alcohol only applies to certain areas 

Similarly, the Balearic regulations prohibit advertising that encourages alcohol consumption, such as free bars, happy hours, 2×1, or 3×1. In addition, there is a ban on selling alcohol in shops between 9.30 pm and 8.00 am. The law only applies to certain areas of the islands, so it is worth checking before you book.

In parallel, tourists who practice balconing have to leave their hotel.  Furthermore, they will face fines of between €6,001 and €60,000.


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