180,000 euros fine for five tourists for balconing in Mallorca

by Lorraine Williamson

CALVIÀ – Balconing is the practice of tourists – often drunk or drugged – climbing from one room to another in their hotels via the balcony or jumping directly into the hotel swimming pool from their balcony. Regularly people are injured and even killed. 

The dangerous practice mainly occurs in areas that are populated in summer by young ‘drinking tourists’, such as parts of Mallorca, Ibiza and places along the Spanish east coast such as Lloret de Mar, Salou or Benidorm. These young people like to spend their holidays going out, taking lots of alcohol and/or drugs and related activities. 

The image of the island is tarnished 

However, on the island of Mallorca, the authorities have had enough. Brawls, sometimes fatalities, drug-related crime, balconing and other incidents have begun to tarnish the image of their beautiful island. They have been trying to reduce the number of incidents through regulations and sanctions for a few years now. However, so far, the results of those efforts have been disappointing. 

Therefore, the city council of Calvià has now handed out hefty fines to tourists caught balconing. This summer, five tourists were each fined no less than €36,000 for practicing ‘balconing’. 

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The most recent violation occurred early in the morning of last Tuesday. The city council of Calvià has reported that at 6.00 am a tourist was caught trying to go to another room through a terrace. The caught tourist was identified and evicted from his hotel on the basis of the decree that seeks to curb the excesses of excessive tourism. This decree is mainly applied in the three risk areas in the Balearic Islands that are known for drinking tourism;

Cogesa Expats
  • Magaluf in Calvià
  • Platja de Palma in Palma
  • West End, Sant Antoni in Ibiza

After identification by the local police, each of the offenders was fined €36,000. 

Calvià is currently led by the PP and Vox. The board emphasises that these are not the first fines imposed on tourists for balconing. In addition to tourists who are guilty of ‘balconing’, hotel managers are also fined if they do not act against this dangerous practice. In extreme cases, this can even lead to a temporary closure of the hotel in question. 

“Balconing is unacceptable” 

Juan Feliu, Director General of Activities and Commerce of the city government, emphasises the seriousness of the situation: “Balconing is unacceptable; it is a reckless act that can lead to serious, irreversible injury or even death.” Thankfully, there were no fatal accidents in Mallorca this year. However, unfortunately, a 22-year-old British woman died while balconing in Ibiza in June. Earlier this month, a British tourist was seriously injured in both legs. Elsewhere, there have been 5 balconing deaths so far this year. 

Calvià has decided to place undercover agents among the tourists for the sake of security to prevent such incidents and to deter other crimes. Think of the recent reports about the gang rapes in Mallorca. 

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